Swansea University Computer Society

Welcome to the Swansea University Computer Society website. These pages are created by the members of the society and in no way represent the views of the University of Wales Swansea.

Please note, these pages are under construction and some facilities may not yet be implemented. Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for things to be included.

The Staff of the Society - who does what and how to contact them
Virtual Campus Guide - find your way round campus and its facilities
Virtual Guide to Swansea - what's in and around Swansea
Members Homepages - who else is in the society
Help - what to do when you get stuck
Milliways - the society's bulletin board
Sushi - the MUD where half the members spend their time!
Links - surf the web...interesting places to look
Webmaster: Geoff Lee (email:slammer@sugalaxy.swan.ac.uk)

last updated 6/11/96